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Ananda Velo is a bicycle club dedicated to promoting the great sport of cycling, in and around Ananda Village, Nevada County, CA. We live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada - one of the most awesome biking areas in the country, and we want to share it with anyone who is up for the adventure.

Although we are a small club, at least one of us is on the road four to six days during most weeks of the year. If you are in the area or staying at the Expanding Light Retreat at Ananda, email us and we will be happy to ride with you! Although we primarily ride road bikes, we are available for mountain bike rides. Our club caters to a wide range of riding experience. Members have been riding from less than a year to over 30 years - so whatever your level of experience, come ride with us.

Ananda Velo had an epic year of riding in 2012,

and we are looking to expand the joy in 2013!  

Below are links to many of the local rides.

Check out the other pages for rides in the area, links to epic rides,

and the annual   Spiritual Renewal Week Bike Ride.         Enjoy!

Rides from Ananda Village - in order of length.

Click on ride to see Ride With GPS map.

N. San Juan Loop   13 mi

Birchville Loop   17 mi

Rice’s Crossing/Tyler Foote Rd. O&B   21 mi

Rice’s Crossing/N. San Juan Loop   24 mi

Bridgeport O&B   24 mi

North Bloomfield O&B   23 mi

Moonshine Loop   27 mi

Dobbins O&B   40 mi

Bitney Springs O&B   42 mi

Bridgeport/Willo O&B   47 mi

Penn Valley/Rough & Ready Loop   50mi

Alleghany/Hennessy Pass O&B  65 mi

Downieville O&B   66 mi

Smartville Loop   66 mi

North Yuba River

Da Boyz at Da Buttes

Sierra Buttes - Bassetts

Pliocene Ridge

Gold Lake Hwy - Sierra Buttes