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The following “Drive and Ride” links are to rides that are within an hours drive of Ananda Village. These are usually weekend rides, where we leave in the morning and return by the end of the day.

Too much fun - right at our door step!!

Grass Valley - Bittney Springs - Lake of the Pines - GV  53 mi  Loop

Downieville - Bassetts   37 mi  O&B

Downieville - Snag Lake  46 mi  O&B

Downieville - Snag Lake - Yuba Pass  60 mi  O&B

Downieville - Graeagle - Yuba Pass - D’ville   80 mi Loop

Downieville - Packer Saddle *   40 mi  O&B

Auburn - Colfax - Iowa Hill - Auburn *  65 mi  Loop

Pliocene Ridge School  - Pliocene Ridge (end of road)  36 mi  O&B

East Quincy - La Porte *   59 mi  O&B

Cisco Grove - Truckee  42 mi  O&B

Cisco Grove - Truckee - Tahoe City - King’s Beach   78 mi Loop

Truckee - Yuba Pass - Ananda   (one way - you need a ride to Truckee, then bike back to Ananda Village)  93 mi

Grover Hot Springs - Ebbetts Pass - Alpine Lake *   (Note - this is a drive of 3+ hours - but totally worth it!)   73 mi  O&B

* This is a kick-butt ride, but well worth it - even if you have to walk your bike a bit!

Downtown La Porte

North Yuba River

Sierra Buttes

Gold Lake Hwy - Sierra Buttes

Water Fall - Hwy 49

Home to Ananda after another long, beautiful day in the saddle!